Men’s Emerald Silver Rings

Multi-colored Glass Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver

Emeralds are next on the list of gemstones, but these precious minerals possess a number of useful qualities. An emerald is actually a stone called beryl. While most people think that all emeralds are green, they can come in a variety of colors, including blue, yellow and pink.

The aluminum and silicone found in an emerald determine the color that the stone takes on once it’s fully formed. A variety of gemstones are mined and used by people throughout the world. Diamonds and rubies are two of the hardest stones known to man, with regular sapphires following close behind.

Emerald Jewelry

Men's Emerald Silver Rings,

As a gemstone, an emeralds only practical use is for jewelry. Quality emeralds are attractive and they can be carved into a variety of styles or shapes. Emeralds can be found in bracelets, rings, necklaces, ear rings and even watches when gemstones may be required.

Emerald Mystical Properties

Men's Emerald Silver Rings

The emerald is supposed to help heal pain and to help preserve the health of women. For faiths that attribute power to stones, the emerald is a stone of healing. There are mentions in Christianity of an emerald bowl, and the color green is often seen as the color of nature. Emeralds are said to be able to take negative energy and turn it into positive energy. Emeralds are also supposed to be able to help heal the eyes.