Price Silver Ring In Dubai

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Silver ring in Dubai sold at an affordable price range depends on the materials and designs used. For the silver ring is designed by using cubic zirconia material is more suitable for women. These rings are sold at a price of US $ 1.50. The ring is designed with trendy and modern models so many fans. The ring is designed with a very simple but has the impression of elegance and attractive.

As with forever love couple ring. These rings are sold in pairs. This silver ring is sold with carvings love. This silver ring sold for 43.27 AED. Silver rings are used for men tend to be more simple. As for the more impressed elegant woman with beautiful carvings additional. Silver rings are used to women using a combination of pink with silver, so impressed unique.

Silver Rings Designs In Dubai

Price Silver Ring In Dubai

Silver ring design in Dubai as well as blue topaz ring. Fashion rings 925 silver ring with material layers 14k white gold and natural blue topaz gemstone 1.80 carat oval, marquise head ring models. It is suitable for a gift to your partner that cute. Sales with faux leather ring box. Blue sapphire silver ring. The ring is sold using a blue sapphire stone design. These rings are very elegant and luxurious.

As with the silver ring is designed with topaz stones. This silver ring looks so dignified and powerful impression. To further silver ring with pink stone designs and diamonds. This ring using the color pink stone so very elegant with the use of diamond as decorations. The presence of these diamonds show the impression of a charming and gracious owners.