Silver Ring 925 DQCZ

silver ring 925 dqcs

925 is e metal content, 925 is sterling silver. DQ would be the persons hallmark, or the signature of e company who made it. CZ means cubic zirconia, a type of glass synthetic stone. You have a Sterling silver ring with either Diamonique brand or diamond quality cubic zirconia. Although it’s not a real diamond and not worth thousands, it certainly has the potential to be a beautiful piece of jewelry.

925 is the qulity stamp for sterling silver, dq is the makers mark or could possibly be diamond quality, and cz is cubic zirconia a very good diamond simulant. So sterling silver ring with a cubic zirconia set in it. 925 represents the quality or percentage of silver in the ring and the other parts simply means that it contains a fake, look a like diamond that is man made in a lab.

Sterling Silver Pink Diamonique Ring


Design pink diamonique sterling silver ring as well as designed with platinum. The ring is introduced to the market at a price of $ 15.95. Silver ring design is so simple yet elegant with a diamond stone with a mix of silver and platinum. There is also a dazzling silver topaz ring diamonique. This silver ring is often used for wedding or engagement. This silver ring topaz stones are white and pink. This silver ring price of $ 9.99.

Other silver engagement ring is 14 karat white gold ring diamonique radiant cut. The ring is designed with a diamond and gemstone pieces are also combined with a mixture of white gold. The price offered for $ 229.00. Silver ring is so graceful and elegant, ideal for ladies who love luxury and classy style.