Silver Ring Price In Bangladesh

The price of silver rings in Bangladesh is very diverse according to the form and materials used. Silver rings that are circulating in various online sites such as silver ring with colored mina. These rings are sold at Tk 310.59. Silver ring is designed with a very simple yet elegant. As with the white American diamond studded ring oxidized silver. For a silver ring that is sold at a price of Tk 320.28. This ring was given the decoration of the diamond that is very luxurious and simple plain design.

Rings are sold in Bangladesh the other is white pearl silver ring studded. This ring using the ornate white pearl silver ring studded so it looks more charming and graceful. These rings are sold at Tk 485.41. Furthermore, there is a golden topaz silver studded ring. This ring topaz ornate gold color is very beautiful and has a charming aura. This silver rings sold at Tk 834.79.

Fantastic Wedding Silver Ring

Silver Ring Price In Bangladesh

Fantastic wedding silver rings for men and women as well as maja wedding ring made of pure silver, without gold coating. This wedding ring put a simple design and a twin for women and women’s rings. Maja wedding ring made of Sterling Silver 925 Silver 925 is the best level for silver jewelry. Maja wedding ring is deliberately made of pure silver, without the gold layer. The reason is male Muslims should not use gold. Anyway silver rings are cheaper, so not too much spending budget wedding.

There are 2 kinds of finishing, rough and shiny. Rough finishing usually called Dov, the results of this ring is smooth rough, but not shiny. Dov finishing can also rugged 100%, depending on the model. For this ring chose finishing Dov. But on the list, choose glossy finishing, to make it look sparkle. You can ask for custom finishing on this ring, without the added expense. To make it takes 7 to 9 days to make this maja wedding ring. Wedding rings can also be designed by using gemstones.