Silver Ring Splint

Silver Ring Splint

A silver ring splint is a simple device, generally made of wire, that stabilizes a person’s finger, aiding those with hypermobility, arthritis, or injury to the hand. Most splints consist of two loops connected at an angle, positioned on either side of the knuckle. While a splinted finger can still move normally, ring splints restrict abnormal movement, preventing further injury or pain. While many orthopedic companies sell ring splints, the device’s design is simple enough to allow you to create your own out of wire.

Make Ring Splints. Lay a length of wire flat on a hard surface and place the dowel flat on top of it, positioned perpendicularly. Bend up one end of the wire, using the pliers to wrap it tightly around the dowel. This will form the base loop generally worn closer to the hand. Wrap the wire around again to doubly strengthen the loop. Bend the remaining length outward, angling it at approximately 45 degrees to the dowel. This will form the second, elliptical loop. Give this loop one complete wrap. Slide out the dowel and cut off the loose ends to form the finished ring splint.

How to Size a Ring Finger

Silver Ring Splint.

While a jeweler can easily figure out what size ring you need, that option isn’t always available to you. When you are buying jewelry online or for someone else, you might need to figure out how to size a finger for a ring. Use a ring size chart printed from the internet. A good chart will also include the measurements, for example a size 5 is approximately 15.6 mm in diameter. Wrap a small piece of thread or string around the finger you will wear the ring on so that it is snug but not too tight.

Mark the measurement and measure against a ruler. Take a good-fitting ring and place the ring on the chart until the circumference of the ring matches that on the chart, instead of using the string measurement. Use a printed ring sizing strip. Follow the printing directions carefully. Cut out the strip and wrap around desired finger. The strip will indicate what ring size your finger wears. Go to a jewelry store and ask to have your finger sized. You don’t have to make a purchase to get your finger sized. The jeweler will use something that looks like a key ring with lots of rings on it and will try on the rings until he finds the proper fit.