Solitaire Diamond Ring Price In Dubai

solitaire diamond ring price in dubai

Solitaire ring prices in Dubai are so expensive depending on the design and materials used. The price offered is so varied from low to high. A solitaire diamond ring is often completely just that, a ring having a solitary diamond. Some solitaires do have side stones, but for a solitaire diamond ring to be worth its asking price, it is not the total carat weight of the entire ring’s stones that count, it is the carat weight of the solitaire or center stone that matters most in a diamond’s current worth and possible future value.

There are many different types of standard diamond cuts, all with a predefined number of facets depending upon the cut. The Round brilliant cut remains the most popular, likely because the apparent size of the stone seems large when compared to its actual carat weight. In order of apparent size actual carat weight, these are the standard stone cuts for solitaires as princess, emerald, pear, oval, heart, trillion/trilliant, marquise, radiant, asscher, and cushion.

Diamond Solitaire Styles

solitaire diamond ring price in dubai

A single diamond can be set in a variety of ways in a ring to show off its best attributes. There are several types of settings available, depending on stone shape, size and color, as well as the wearer’s lifestyle and tastes. Jewelers can provide prong, bezel, flush, channel or tension settings to match the desires of a ring purchaser. Prong is the traditional setting for a solitaire diamond and therefore, the most common type of setting. A good example of the prong setting is the tiffany style setting, which is common for engagement rings. Three to six prongs, which are pointed, rounded or flat, hold the diamond in place.

More prongs in this setting provide a more secure setting, but fewer prongs show off more of the stone. A jeweler can adjust the prong style setting to the size of the diamond. A V shaped prong is best for protecting a heart shaped, pear shaped or marquise style diamond. Prong settings allow the most light through the diamond and allow easy cleaning of the ring. In addition, they usually cost less because the jeweler uses less metal. However, most of the perimeter, or girdle, of the diamond is unprotected, and high prongs can snag clothing, hair and other people. Low set prong settings are available that alleviate some of this problem.