Solitaire Diamond Ring Prices In India

solitaire diamond ring prices in india

Cost depends on several factors. 1 carat diamond solitaire’s cost depends on how it’s been cut, its color (meaning how white it is), the stone’s clarity (meaning how flawless it is), the type of metal used for the setting and the retailer you buy it from. Differences in these factors affect a ring’s price by thousands of dollars. You want to be able to demonstrate your commitment to your fiancee without the purchase of a 1 carat diamond solitaire becoming a financial hardship.

The two of you still have to pay for the upcoming wedding, as well as establishing your new home, in addition to buying the ring. Follow the two-month salary guideline for how much to spend on a 1 carat solitaire. A solitaire ring features a single gemstone set with four to six prongs on a band of precious metal. The solitaire stone can be round, oval, emerald, asscher, cushion, heart, marquise, pear, princess or radiant cut in almost any carat size.

Carat Weight And True Ring Value

solitaire diamond ring prices in india

Do not take the purchase of a solitaire diamond ring lightly. A fair sum of money crosses hands for a ring of some mid or higher grade cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, and without a bit of insight, overspending for the ring in question is the rule rather than the exception. Therefore, solitaire diamond rings of reasonable value must first have a center stone of around one carat or more in weight if they hope to receive serious consideration for valuation purposes.

When the ring’s carat total weight of some 1 or 2.xx carats (+/-) displays prominently, but not the carat weight of the center stone, be wary of the ring’s true worth. Many small and much less creditable stones make up the overall or total carat weight of the combined diamonds in a ring with side-mounted stones, but without any significantly sized single stones, total carat weight often only serves to reduce the ring’s overall value.