Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings Design UK

sterling silver gemstone rings design uk

Sizing the gemstone and setting design UK. Place the gem on a flat surface, with its table side down. Take the four pronged setting and gently place it on the gem. Ideally, the setting should be slightly smaller than the gem. You’re going to want the gem to snap into place in the notches when you apply a little pressure. You may have to adjust the prongs so they will fit the gems.

This is usually the case with larger stones. To adjust the prongs, use the bent chain nose pliers. With the tip of the pliers near the base of the prong, grasp the prong lengthwise in the pliers and bend in, very slightly. Repeat this process for all four prongs. After bending all four prongs in, place the setting on the gem. You want the setting to fall to just above from your perspective the girdle.

Setting The Gemstone Ring

sterling silver gemstone rings design uk

Using very slight pressure, push down with your thumb on the setting. The prongs should snap into place along the girdle. When you pick up the setting, the gem should be set so its top is level, and it should not be easy to move. Now, using the jeweler’s pliers, bend the tips of the prongs so they cover part of the gem and lock it in place. To lock the gem in place, position the setting so that one prong lies against the shorter of the pliers jaws, and the top of the prong directly opposite is under the longer jaw.

Press the handles together, and the pressure should bend the tip of the opposite prong down against the gem. Repeat this step with all prongs. To make certain that the gem is set securely, use your bent chain nose pliers. Place the jaws of the pliers so that they are gripping two prongs on opposite sides of the gem and squeeze. Do the same with the remaining two prongs. The gem should be securely set in the ring.