Sterling Silver Rings UK

sterling silver rings uk

When you’re looking to buy a new sterling silver ring UK, it’s useful to think about what type of setting is best for the gem stone that you have. Different settings have different purposes and can be used differently when you wear them. For example, the solitaire setting is really used to show off an amazing diamond or an amazing gemstone without anything else taking the attention away from the stone.

A bezel setting is actually setting the gem stone deep into the metal of the ring. This actually keeps it from popping out and protects your stone, and is a really good for cabochon cut stones. Attention setting is one of my absolute favorites. It’s modern, and it’s very stylist, though you do need to think about the fact that the tension has to be reset every two years. So it is high maintenance, but I would say absolutely worth it.

Different Silver Ring Settings

sterling silver rings uk
Different silver ring settings could be bezels, prongs, pave settings or just tension setting. It totally depends on the making, making of the ring and jewels on the gemstones. If it’s a sensitive gemstone, the setting should protect the stone. If it’s a diamond, which is fairly insensitive, it could be tension setting.

If you would do the same setting with a soft stone, the stone would break immediately because it couldn’t stand the tension. So, if you have a ring with prong setting and it’s not made well with, with prongs, if they stick out, you could pull a thread on your clothes. So, the nicest is if it’s in a, in a bezel setting and holds the entire stone and protects the entire stone.