2 Carat Diamond Ring Price In Dubai

2 Carat Diamond Ring Price In Dubai

Price 2 carat diamond ring in Dubai views of gemstone material used as well as white topaz stones. White (or clear) is the most common color of topaz. The colorless variety Generally has the least value, but stones can sell for $ 80 or more, Depending on size and quality. Topaz is mined in clear, yellow, brown, blue and pink varieties. Clear is the most common, but yellow and brown are found in abundance as well. Blue and pink are less common and therefore the most expensive. Gemstones are priced based on four qualities, color, clarity, cut and carat.

As for colorless gemstones, there are three grades of colorless and four grades of white distinguished by subtle variations of transparency. Clarity judges inclusions, or impurities, in the stone basically anything that interferes with the passage of light. Cut is one of the most important Facets of pricing a gemstone, but it’s the most difficult, to judge. Carat is not as cut and dried as one would think. Larger stones are more rare and therefore command a higher price per carat than smaller stones.

White Topaz Pricing

2 Carat Diamond Ring Price In Dubai

As of July 2010, white topaz is priced at $10 per carat for a fair quality stone. A good quality stone is priced between $10 and $30 per carat. A very good quality stone is priced between $30 and $80 per carat. An excellent quality stone is priced at $80 per carat and up. The mystic topaz, also known as mystic fire or Caribbean, Alaska or Bermuda topaz, has only existed since 1998.

When a method for coating white topaz was patented by Azotic Coating Technologies, Inc., in Minnesota. Mystic topaz is considered a semi precious gemstone, most popularly given an emerald cut, and then specially coated to reflect green, blue, purple, red and brown hues. The quality of the stone depends not on the coating, but on how many defects, or inclusions, the stone naturally contains.


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