925 Silver Mark History

925 Silver Mark History

For thousands of years, sterling silver has been the gift of choice to commemorate special occasions. In 3100 B.C., Egyptian rulers received silver vases as gifts from Crete. The term sterling silver was first used in England in the 1200s, originating from the Old Norman French Term esterlin and the Old English word stiere. Before buying a piece of silver jewelry or a gift, take a moment to verify the authenticity of the investment.

Simply by looking inside a ring,on the clasp of a necklace or on the back of a frame or spoon, you can easily guarantee that you are buying the real thing. As regulated by the United States’ Federal Trade Commission, all silver products that are classified as sterling silver will be inscribed or stamped with the hallmark 925. Items must contain a minimum of 92.5 percent pure silver in order to be called sterling by government standards. A professional jeweler will be able to point out these markings.

Analyze The Solid Sterling Silver

925 Silver Mark History

Read the directions on your specific brand and type of acid test kit for silver before applying. Analyze the results and determine whether your silver is solid sterling or otherwise. Weigh your silver using a scale with gram measurements. Round to the nearest gram and record the total. Convert your standard ounces into troy ounces using an online calculator.

Troy ounces are heavier than standard ounces. While there are 16 standard ounces in a pound, there are only 12 troy ounces in a troy pound. Visit an online precious metals value calculator. Type in the total weight in troy ounces and select the purity of the silver. The program will automatically provide the approximate value based on current market rates.

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