925 Silver Marks

925 Silver Marks

Although it’s a common misconception that 925 sterling silver is pure silver, it’s actually an alloy a combination of several metals. 925 sterling silver is defined by the amount of pure silver within the alloy, 92.5 percent. Thanks to hallmarks inscribed on silver products, one can easily verify the authenticity of sterling silver products.

When gold prices soar, sterling silver’s popularity increases. Jewelry designers fashion the latest trends in sterling silver, from stunning engagement rings to trendy bangles and pendants. Silver is a traditional gift for newlyweds, with many brides including silver place settings on their registry.

Meaning Silver Anniversary

925 Silver Marks

Twenty-fifth wedding anniversaries, known as the Silver Anniversary, are also celebrated with gifts of silver. While the old adage born with a silver spoon in her mouth may seem out of date, many newborns are still welcomed to the world today with gifts of sterling silver spoons and rattles. Even men enjoy silver gifts such as tie tacks, cuff links and money clips. Gift givers also appreciate that silver can easily be personalized with an engraved monogram or message for a one of a kind keepsake.

The Facts Of Pure Silver

925 Silver Ring Value

By nature, pure silver is a soft metal and can’t be used to produce functional products for everyday use. However, by alloying the pure silver with another metal, most commonly copper, 925 sterling silver is created. When combining 92.5 percent pure silver with 7.5 percent copper, silversmiths then have an affordable, durable medium for jewelry, silverware and gift items that still maintains the shiny, white beauty of pure silver. Other than copper, sterling silver can also be made of zinc, nickel, geranium or platinum.

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