925 Silver Ring China

925 silver ring china

Silver ring 925 is kind of original. 925 silver ring in China as well as the design of the silver ring with gemstone zircon and packed with layers of rhodium. The silver ring has a total weight of 2.1 grams. Furthermore, there is also a silver ring that is also designed with zircon stones, but the silver ring is designed specifically for men. Heavy silver ring is 6.1 grams. This silver ring looks so tough.

In addition to the zircon stone, silver ring design in China are also many uses austrian crystal gemstones. This silver ring is designed for girls with a diameter of 0.6 cm ring and weighs 1.9 grams. Silver ring is plated with rhodium. Layer thickness of 0.3 microns. To design an elegant silver ring, silver ring can choose to use a layer of golden white, combined with rhodium. Silver ring is even more charming with zircon stones, ruby, spinel, and glass to be more perfect.

Meaning ADI 925 At Silver Ring

925 silver ring china

Some people may purchase a piece of sterling silver jewelry for its weight and quality. However, it might come as a shock to many to discover that the three tiny letters and numbers, ADI 925, inscribed in the jewelry indicate the piece is only 92.5 percent solid silver. The abbreviation ADI stands for Amsterdam Diamond Aahus/Lystrup, dating from 1982 to 1983. Amsterdam Diamond is the name of the Danish company from where the sterling silver originated and, in some cases, may even date the piece. Aahus is the name of the suburb in the city of Lystrup in Denmark where Amsterdam Diamond is located.

Customarily, for every 100 grams of silver there are 7.25 grams of copper or nickel. A small percentage of the sterling silver is comprised of copper because this metal best blends with silver. Copper also makes the silver hard but does not discolor it. Pure silver is 99.9 percent pure, however it is especially soft and is not practical for common jewelry. Silver must be at least 92.5 percent pure (ADI 925) to be labeled sterling and occasionally is found as high as 95 percent pure. Even though the latter contains more than the minimum required amount, it must still be referred to as sterling silver rather than pure silver.

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