925 Silver Ring With Blue Stone

925 Silver Ring With Blue Stone

Know gemstone blue aquamarine sea or rock also. According to medieval people believed aquamarine could overcome the toxic effects, according to legend was started on the legendary treasure chest of mermaids and has long been known as a stone of luck for sailors. In Indonesia aquamarine stone known as navy blue stone. Aquamarine which means seawater is a kind of stone belonging to the mineral beryl (beryl in Greek, which means blue-green) as well as emeralds.

Because stone aquamarine and emerald stones closely related they are often practically brothers. The colors of the stone even this is not far from the name that there are blue-green, blue-green clear and aquamarine sea but the most desirable stone is blue rather thick. Aquamarine and emerald both have value based on the list of hard hard 7.5-8 Mohs, they both occupy at number five.

Identification Sterling Silver

925 Silver Ring With Blue Stone

In most instances, identifying sterling silver requires looking at the bottom of a piece of flatware. With rings, manufacturers stamp this information inside the band. With a necklace, crafters provide this information next to the clasp. Usually, the country of manufacture and the purity of the piece are etched into the piece. The numbers should read 925, which will assure that the piece is sterling silver.

While sterling silver provides a less costly alternative to other materials of jewelry, such as gold, a number of drawbacks exist. Some people experience allergies, when wearing sterling silver jewelry, mainly because of a reaction to the copper in the piece. For flatware, silver requires frequent maintenance, because tarnishing quickly ruins the beauty of the piece. In addition, sterling silver can be scratched easily from abrasives, and quickly becomes corroded with exposure to salt.

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