925 Silver Rings Wholesale

925 Silver Rings Wholesale

Whether you make it yourself or buy silver jewelry from a wholesaler, you can find plenty of markets for your product. Sterling silver jewelry is always in demand because it is beautiful, inexpensive and brightens any jewelry lover’s wardrobe. Find a niche that works for you and have fun with your business as you sell silver jewelry.

Show and sell your jewelry at home parties. You can join a home party organization that will provide you with all the materials and products to conduct your business, or you can start your own. Invite people over to look at your wares and set up parties with those guests and their friends. One referral leads to another and another, until you have to hire people to hold some of the parties because you will be so busy.

Sell Silver Jewelry

925 Silver Rings Wholesale

Rent a booth at a local art fair or flea market. You can keep your overhead low at shows and open air fairs. You will only have to pay for the use of a table at many of the open markets. Even try fairs that are not art or jewelry oriented, as you may be the only person selling jewelry and will have a monopoly on the consumers.

Buy wholesale and sell to your friends and acquaintances. You can develop a reputation as the go to person when people are looking for gifts or to treat themselves. Wear your product for advertising and when someone asks about a piece, you can pull out your case and make a sale. Start a website to sell your wares. Send out links to all everyone in your address book.

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