Diamond Ring Price In India Tanishq

diamond ring price in india tanishq

A wedding is a milestone in a woman’s life. This is also true in Indian culture, where adorning the bride in jewelry is an integral part of the wedding day. Traditional Indian bridal jewelry consists of a complete set of jewelry to beautify each part of the bride’s body. Fake or imitation jewelry may suffice for other occasions, but when it comes to weddings and jewelry for the Indian bride, only gold jewelry will do. Almost every middle and high class Indian family spends a considerable amount of money on bridal jewelry.

Those who cannot afford expensive jewelry make do with a few basic pieces for the bride a gold ring, necklace and bracelets. Different stones like diamond, pearl, jade, amethyst, emerald and the like may embellish intricately designed gold jewelry for brides from wealthier families. It is common for Indian brides to be covered in jewelry from head to toe. Brides from rich families may wear a tiara made of gold.

Traditional Indian Bridal Jewelry

diamond ring price in india tanishq

Toe rings and anklets complete the traditional Indian bridal jewelry set. The anklets make a soft jingling noise when the bride walks. The most important piece of bridal jewelry is the necklace that the bridegroom ties around the bride’s neck during the marriage ritual. This is known as the mangalsutra, it is made of gold and contains black beads to ward off evil eye. A wedding is assumed to be solemnized when the groom ties the necklace around the neck of the bride.

Armlets, bracelets and finger rings beautify the arms and hands of an Indian bride. Armlets may be worn on one or both arms, but gold bracelets have to be worn on both hands along with bangles. A bride may wear one or 10 finger rings, depending on her financial status. Gold strings may connect the bracelets and the finger rings. A waist band is an ornament worn by brides belonging to rich families. The weight of a waist band may vary from a few grams to more than 2 pounds.


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