Diamond Ring Price In Pakistan 2012

diamond ring price in pakistan 2012

Prices in Pakistan diamond ring 2012 can be defined in various ways. Diamonds are evaluated using what the jewelry industry calls the four C’s, color, cut, clarity and carat weight. You may have to be a jeweler to accurately assess the first three, but all you need to determine carat weight is a good scale capable of measuring to the milligram. When measuring diamonds, 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or two tenths of a gram. Each carat is divided into 100 points of 2 milligrams apiece. So a 75 point diamond is 0.75 carats, or 150 milligrams.

Find a scale capable of measuring milligrams, gem scales or jewelry scales. Remove the diamond from any setting. Calibrate the scale. A scale that’s just a little off could give you a highly inaccurate reading. Instructions for calibration should be included with the scale. Place the diamond on the scale and read the weight. Do the math. Subtract 200 milligrams for each carat. Take the remainder and divide it by 2 for the remaining points. For example, if a diamond weighs in at 320 milligrams lucky you that’s 1 carat (200 milligrams) and 60 points (120 milligrams divided by two), or 1.6 carats. Take the diamond off the scale and repeat the process. Twenty milligrams is exceedingly small less than 1/100th the weight of a dime so the more times you calibrate and measure, the more confident you can be about the weight.

Ring Setting Types For Women

diamond ring price in pakistan 2012

There’s all sorts of ring setting types for women. There’s the traditional solitaire, which is beautiful. Just a simple band with one diamond on top. Side view very beautiful, stunning. Makes the diamond look very big, bold, and powerful. The solitaire has been around for many years, many years. It’s, the first diamond given was set in a solitaire setting. The first diamond given as love, was set in a solitaire setting. Then we have the vintage styles which are becoming very popular right now. a little retro look, a little stylish on the side, hand engraving.

One of the more popular styles these days is what they call the halo. It’s a band of micro pave diamonds down the side with a halo of diamonds around the top. It takes a diamond of one size and makes it look just a little bit bigger but it also just adds a lot of brilliancy and sparkle and romance to the piece. Something that just really can’t go wrong with. It’s very popular right now. It’s going to be in style for a lot of years. Some traditional solitaire styling with a little bit of flare.

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