Diamond Ring Prices Singapore

diamond ring prices singapore

Singapore diamond ring current price is always up and down depending on the demand of consumer society. The most accurate way to keep track of the current price of diamonds is to consult the Rapaport Diamond Report. This is a subscription service that tracks the weekly pricing of the gems based on their weight, clarity and color. Clearer, larger diamonds are generally worth more. Color is based on a scale of yellow to white, with whiter diamonds fetching a higher price.

For diamonds that have already been cut, there is a different set of guidelines based on their shape and the current demand for that shape. In that case, pricing is based on the popularity of certain shapes and their availability. There’s lots of different types of diamond ring jewelry. There’s the high fashion right hand ring, very powerful, beautiful, bold style, something that she will treasure on her right hand and show off to everybody.

Facts Diamond Ring

diamond ring prices singapore

The most important fact is that you can never go wrong buying diamond ring jewelry. Then there’s a very traditional diamond anniversary ring with diamonds all the way around, something to show your love forever. There’s rings that she can get for push presents, meaning if you’ve had a baby, get her a ring for a push present or get out of the doghouse presents, lots of things you can do with diamond ring jewelry. She’ll love it, she’ll wear it forever and you’ll be proud when you see her with the beautiful piece of jewelry that you purchased for her.

Price Antique Diamonds

diamond ring prices singapore

Antique diamonds have a high markup and are greatly desirable in the antique jewelry trade. Many people obtain antique diamonds through family inheritances and have no idea what the stones are worth. If you have a piece of diamond jewelry and want to know what it’s worth, you need to have it seen by a certified appraiser, who can assess that diamond and assign it a price based on its age, condition, cut and size.

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