Diamond Ring Settings With Side Stones

Diamond Ring Settings With Side Stones

There are several options to consider when redesigning a wedding ring. Perhaps you want to take your existing ring to create a new, updated style. It could be you want to take a ring you no longer wear and make from it a completely different piece of jewelry. Either way, consider the following options and consult with more than one jeweler before your decision is set in stone.

To update or just refresh the look of your wedding band, adding side stones or replacing side stones with bigger or different colored gems may be something you’d like. Perhaps you want to replace the center stone with a larger or different cut stone. The existing center stone can now be used as a side stone. Also, you may want to change the band itself. Maybe your band is yellow gold, but now you would prefer white gold. Before meeting with a jeweler, you may want to look online at settings that you find attractive.

Baguette Cut Diamond

Diamond Ring Settings With Side Stones

A baguette diamond has a long, rectangular shape and plain, simple lines. The name comes from the French word baguette which means long stick. Baguette diamonds have an understated look with a quiet sheen rather than the fire of a brilliant cut diamond. Because of this the diamonds used for baguette cuts must be clear and high quality, as any flaws or imperfections in the diamond are readily seen with this cut.

Baguette diamonds are popular as side stones, used in pairs to flank a larger center stone. They can also be set side by side to produce a continuous flow of diamonds on a ring, bracelet, necklace or brooch. Unlike round diamonds, the flat sides of baguette diamonds allow them to lie flush against one another without gaps. The effect of an unbroken line of baguette diamonds in a channel setting can create an elegant and romantic display accent.

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