Diamond Ring Settings

Diamond Ring Settings

A diamond engagement ring can be a significant expense for a couple and you want to make sure the ring is absolutely the perfect one for you. Perhaps you have inherited a family heirloom diamond, but want to change the dated setting. Or you have determined that you want to purchase a loose stone and select your own setting.

Either way, doing some research and working with an experienced jeweler will help you end up with exactly the ring you want. Take your diamond to a reputable jeweler and pay for an appraisal of the stone’s quality and value. This is important information to have in case your stone is lost, damaged or stolen.

Set Loose Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring Settings

Ask the jeweler to show the two of you examples of the settings that would be appropriate for the size and shape of your diamond. Describe to him specifically what you are looking for, including the type of metal, a wide or narrow band, raised or set in mounting and any other elements that are important to you in your engagement ring.

Be realistic about what type of engagement ring your budget will support. According to Adiamor.com, the majority of couples select 18K yellow gold for its affordability, brightness and durability. Although platinum is heavier and more durable, it is considerably more expensive than gold

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