Diamond Rings For Women

Diamond Rings For Women

During the 1940s, a post war demand for women’s wedding rings sent jewelers scurrying. Military men were marrying their sweethearts in multitudes. Designs ranged from the traditional Victorian and Edwardian choices to the contemporary art deco style. Rings had elaborate, carved settings, jumbo prongs and intricate filigree. Exquisite craftsmanship was hand tooled. Rings were bold, clunky and showy. Bands were mixed metals, platinum and two or three different types of gold.

New South Africa or old India mines yielded many 1940s diamonds. The Old European Cut was the earliest round brilliant cut with 58 facets. Hand work gave it a rough, uneven cut. The Old Mine Cut stone had a high crown and small table, or flat bottom. The gem was square and shaped like a cushion with round corners, so light could radiate and add sparkle. Besides white diamonds, slightly rose, green or yellow diamonds were popular.

Value Sapphire and Onyx For Women

Diamond Rings For Women

Sapphire is far more common and can be found in many more places, including France, Germany, Russia, Scotland, Pakistan, Burma, Kenya, Colorado, Connecticut, and North Carolina. Sapphire is made of an Aluminum Oxide. The chemical formula for sapphire is Al2O3. This differs vastly from the chemical composition of Onyx which is SiO2, a form of silicone dioxide known as an agate.

The value of both stones varies based on the cut, the setting, the color and the quality. In 2010 the selling price of the average caret of sapphire was $120 while the average price of the onyx of the same size and quality costs $1.25 according to AlphaImports.com. Sapphire is the more popular jewelry stone because of its light catching properties while onyx is commonly used for relief jewelry.


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