Diamond Rings Online Australia

diamond rings online australia

One diamond ring online sites in Australia is a brand Affinity Diamonds. The brand of diamonds, started a few years ago out of Sydney, Australia, has quickly become a go to option for the budget looking for an extra glam factor in her jewelry box. From rings to pendants and tennis bracelets, Affinity Diamonds offers a wide selection of pieces for a budget-conscious consumer. But in many cases the low prices lead buyers to compromise on quality, a compromise that many consumers don’t mind making.

Affinity Diamonds buys diamonds in bulk in order to present low wholesale prices to the consumer. All diamond jewelry from Affinity Diamonds comes with a Gemological Institute of America or Diamond High Council certificate, adding credibility to its products. Though it offers little information anywhere about where its diamonds come from, Affinity Diamonds adamantly claims that you will get good quality, and better yet, at a low price. 0,5 carat ring with a white gold band will run you close to $2,000 at Tiffany & Co. An Affinity Diamonds ring of the same weight and style will cost ΒΌ of that.

1940s Design for Women’s Wedding Rings

diamond rings online australia

The band was made from platinum, gold or a mix of both, or from different gold tones white, yellow or rose gold. Copper added to white gold makes rose gold. The band shank often had a personal, carved inscription. Bands for women from the 1940s weren’t made as part of a set. Gold karats were often mixed in the same ring. A top band was 14 carat white gold, while the bottom was 18 carat yellow gold.

A popular design was a center solitaire surrounded by smaller stones or baguettes. Visible prongs held the solitaire. Shoulder accents included shapes such as petals, leaves, vines, scrolls, flowers, squares or triangles. Graduated diamond trios, mil grain or terraced diamond steps also decorated the shoulders. Elaborate filigree delicate, intricate ornamental patterns of twisted gold had organic, free flowing shapes and cutouts. Carving had deeper, 3-D patterns, while engraving was only a surface texture.

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