Engagement Ring Prices In Pakistan

engagement ring prices in pakistan

Pakistan as well as the engagement ring with sapphire diamond ring that sold for US$ 6,050.00. There was also a heart shaped diamond ring that sold for US $ 1,875.00. Bucking tradition might be necessary when it comes to selecting an engagement ring that she’ll wear for the rest of her life. It’s always best to get input from the bride. Discuss styles, stones and budget with your bride to be if you’re going to be shopping together. Expect to pay about $2,500 to $3,500 per half carat for a quality diamond.

This is a rough estimate that will depend on several factors, including the diamond’s size larger diamonds are rarer, and therefore more valuable. Go shopping with your intended after your proposal, or shop alone so that you can surprise her. If you shop alone and aren’t sure what style she wants, buy just the stone, make an appointment with a jeweler to return later for a setting, and pop the question using a fun dime store ring. After she’s accepted, go back and pick out a setting together. Have the ring made or buy one ready-made, once you’ve discussed styles with your sweetheart.

Engagement Ring Styles

engagement ring prices in pakistan

There are many different engagement ring styles available for you to choose from depending on your needs. First, they can come in yellow gold, white gold, platinum or a variety of other metals. Platinum and white gold typically look the same brand new. Now when you are selecting, consider a few things, what you actually want on your hand, what is your personality. Some people are very simple and plain in which case a solitaire where it’s just the center diamond is perfect for you. A solitaire is probably the most classic style of all time because it simply just shows off the center diamond.

Now variations of that are a ring with just some diamonds down the side. If they are set in between walls of metal, it’s called channel set where the diamonds are actually inlaid. Other options are the halo style where the center diamond is actually surrounded by a circle of diamonds. Sometimes it’s just a circle on top, other times it’s a lot more intricate all around. Pave is a setting style that is very popular nowadays as well. This is when the diamonds literally coat the ring so all over it’s very shiny and flashy. This is a great style for someone that likes a lot of sparkle but still wants something that isn’t too chunky.

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