Engagement Ring Prices Singapore

engagement ring prices singapore

Shopping for engagement and weddings rings can be nerve wrecking for both the bride and groom to be, especially when you have so many different jewellers to choose from. Places in around Singapore you can shop at for that one ring that embodies your love, personality and promise. Where we list the commercial jewellers with stores country wide. From single solitaire engagement and wedding rings to more elaborate ones, they are great for couples who love to browse through a selection of rings before deciding on one.

Citigems. A part of the Aspial Corporation Limited and in collaboration with Belgium’s AMC Diamonds, a global premier diamond company, Citigems is known for its eclectic range of captivating and enthralling pieces. Couples can take their pick from their four exclusive solitaire collections, rosella, perfect love, avoire and elistar. Any one of their 21 boutiques located across Singapore, such as Ion Orchard or Vivocity.

Goldheart Jewellery

engagement ring prices singapore

Known for continuously reinventing and reinterpreting fine jewellery for today’s woman, Goldheart Jewellery is the sole proprietor of the Celestial diamond, the world’s first 73-facet diamond with a spectacular 8 pointed starburst cut that scintillates with the supreme luminosity of the brightest star. Other than the Celestial diamond collection, couples can take their pick from their arctica diamond, lovelle, regalia, vivacious and elise collections. Desires a ring that captures her femininity, celebrates her modernity and replicates her dazzling personality. Any one of their 27 boutiques located across Singapore, such as the Goldheart Jewel Atelier in Ion Orchard and the Goldheart Jewel Aria in 313@Somerset.

Poh Heng And Soo Kee Jewellery

engagement ring prices singapore

Poh Heng Jewellery has been producing quality gold jewellery for over 60 years and offers the widest collection of 22K gold jewellery. Couples can choose from their exclusive range of wedding bands, cherish, and in house brands such as ORRO22, itrustme and a complete range of Si Dian Jin. Are looking for traditional wedding jewellery. Any one of their 16 boutiques located across Singapore, such as Tampines Mall, Orchard Shopping Centre and JEM. Soo Kee Jewellery is a leading premier jeweller, recognised for its precise craftsmanship and beautiful designs that exudes timeless luxury and quality. Couples have a choice between the 66 facet round brilliant rose diamond by Simon Levi and Avraham Namdar, the polaris ice diamond and the staria diamond. Yearn for a modern with a traditional touch. Any one of their 12 boutiques located across Singapore, including the brilliant rose flagship store at Marina Bay Sands.

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