Gemstone Jewelry Ring Design Wholesale India

Gemstone Jewelry Ring Design Wholesale India

Jewelry ring design wholesale India as well as kundan. Kundan jewelry is a style of jewelry made with techniques native to India. The word kundan means refined gold. Kundan jewelry is made from gold and silver, although by U.S. jewelry standards, not considered to be made entirely from pure gold. The jewelry making process itself is as individual as the kundan jewelry styles.

The history of kundan jewelry making in India dates back several thousand years to the Mughal Empire and Dynasty period in India, between 1526 and 1858. During this period, architecture and the creative arts were heavily influenced and flourished. The kundan technique came from northern India and spread throughout the country. This was before stone settings and stone cutting were popular, so the technique of kundan was developed to encase stones into hand crafted jewelry by using natural methods.

Finger Rings Design Beautify The Arms In India

Gemstone Jewelry Ring Design Wholesale India

Armlets, bracelets and finger rings beautify the arms and hands of an Indian bride. Armlets may be worn on one or both arms, but gold bracelets have to be worn on both hands along with bangles. A bride may wear one or 10 finger rings, depending on her financial status. Gold strings may connect the bracelets and the finger rings.

A wedding is a milestone in a woman’s life. This is also true in Indian culture, where adorning the bride in jewelry is an integral part of the wedding day. Traditional Indian bridal jewelry consists of a complete set of jewelry to beautify each part of the bride’s body.

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