Gold Diamond Band Ring

Gold Diamond Band Ring
Gold is a soft metal and thus can easily become scratched from everyday wear. Rings, especially gold wedding bands, seem to get scratched more easily than most jewelery and this can lead to a dull appearance. Gold bands luckily can be buffed to their previous condition rather inexpensively. A professional jeweler can buff a ring to it’s original glory in about 24 hours.

All you have to do is drop off the ring and pick it up the next day. Buffing of a gold ring can cost anywhere from $10-$30 depending on the jeweler you use. They will likely use Jeweler’s Rouge to get a bright finish on the ring once again, but because they are professionals the finished product will look far better than buffing done at home.

Gold Diamond Band Engagement Ring

Before you get overwhelmed by the selection, first consider whether you want a traditional wedding band or something a little more unconventional and modern. If convention is the man’s middle name, you’ll probably want to stick to plain bands with no adornments or special sheens in customary metals such as yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum. For a more distinct style, some men opt for unexpected materials like titanium, tungsten and ceramic, or even a band with diamonds, gemstones or other decorative details.

Durability and ease of maintenance are high on the list of concerns for ring buyers. While many guys find that a moderately durable metal works fine for their relatively low impact jobs and hobbies, other men need a ring that will withstand harsh conditions. Traditional metals like gold and platinum are easily scratched, and silver requires some occasional maintenance, as it can tarnish. However, these are great options if you want a ring that shines and if you don’t find yourself participating in extreme sports very often.


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