Handmade Silver Ring UK

Handmade Silver Ring UK
Handmade silver ring UK so much demand and designed with a variety of unique patterns and antique. Select some silver-colored jewelry or watch for some your next trip to the flea market, garage sale or collectibles mall. Use a magnifying glass to determine characteristics and marks on the jewelry. Look for marks, usually on the inside or clasp.

If the jewelry is marked 800, it is considered coin silver, and is 80 percent silver with 20 percent alloy. Jewelry must be 925 to be sterling silver in the USA. Most of the newer jewelry is marked 925 if it is sterling silver. 950 is a little better quality of sterling silver, and is found in older jewelry. 835 is common for older European silver.

Silver Spoon Rings UK

Silver spoon rings were popular many years ago but can still be found for sale still at craft fairs and from some street jewelry vendors. They’re an easy craft to make because silver is quite malleable. You can make a silver spoon ring from an old antique spoon handle or just an old spoon you find laying around the house.

Antique Rings

Antique rings often exhibit a dark finish built up in the crevices that adds beauty to them. It can takes months or even years for the metal to oxidize and create that effect naturally, but most jewelers know a secret to achieving that look that the general public doesn’t. Any shiny piece of copper, brass or sterling silver can easily be oxidized in a matter of minutes at almost no cost.

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