Latest Silver Ring In Chennai

Latest Silver Ring In Chennai
The latest design silver ring in Chennai has always been a target of both women and men. Silver ring for a wedding or just for jewelry is widely available in various online sites in India. For many men silver ring designs designed using stones like emerald ring emerald US with quality. The ring is designed with an oval shape.

This ring has a size of 6.99mm x 5.10mm x 3.11mm thickness. This ring has a color Light Green. Very clean and clear so that the flickering flame of luster is very bright and clear. This ring for 1 finger width of 17.5mm to 18mm (not the ring finger but the width of the finger). Other silver ring is plain and simple design. This simplicity makes this silver ring admired by many people.

Silver Plated Ring Sets

Latest Silver Ring In Chennai

One silver plated ring wedding ring sets is love. Love wedding ring is made of gold-plated sterling silver. The yellow color of yellow gold layer, while the white is white gold layer. Both completed doff. The advantages of this ring is a unique rock formation, namely in the form of love. If you want to express love, this ring fits in well with you. The atmosphere is definitely going to be romantic.

Love the ring material. Love the use of wedding rings with gold-plated sterling silver. Do not imagine that the gold layer 1 gram or more. It is only with gold plating process so that the ring is yellow or white, because naturally, the price of gold per gram 410rb (level 75%), while the price of a pair of rings ranged 390rb 500k pair. Durable layers of gold and gold like the original. For basic materials, using 925 pure silver, which is the best level.

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