Mens Sterling Silver Rings Cheap

mens sterling silver rings cheap

If purchasing a mens sterling silver ring in Tiffany or Harry Winston is important to you, don’t expect to be able to find a bargain by looking at their newest collections. If you must have a designer ring, either ask to see the earlier collections or take the design you want to a bespoke jeweler and ask him to recreate the look for you.

Though bespoke rings are more costly than selecting something from a mass retailer, you will always receive a better value for your money if you don’t need to pay for the brand name. For instance, as of March 2011, a one carat Tiffany solitaire starts at $9,200, but a similar copy of the same ring from Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry, costs $2,900.

Types Of Retailers Ring

mens sterling silver rings cheap

Many costs go into the price of an engagement ring. Of course, there is the cost of the materials and craftsmanship, but the price you pay also helps fund the ring’s transportation from warehouse to shop, the retailer’s store and your sales associate’s salary. However, if you select a ring from a specifically online retailer, there are no costs accrued by a middleman.

In this way, the ring goes directly from a warehouse to you, significantly reducing the cost. If you are uncomfortable with purchasing a ring before you see it, try looking at vintage or estate rings. Not only can you be sure that it will last a long time, but it will also be unlike anything she’s seen before.

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