Model Rings For Wedding

Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings
Wedding rings can also be of inheritance a parent who has died. After a parent passes away, items that were dear to them can serve as a comforting memento to survivors. Though a treasured item Reviews such as a wedding ring is priceless, finding a practical use for it can be difficult, because of issues of style and size. There are many different ways to utilize a deceased father’s wedding ring that will allow the surviving children to enjoy the feeling of having a parent back, or pass it along to a future generation.

Some families feel very little attachment to a deceased parent’s jewelry. If you do not feel a major connection to your father’s wedding ring, Consider selling it to a Jeweler and Donating money to one of your father’s favorite causes. Think about what your parent would want. If your father valued education above all else, maybe he would rather see the money go towards a grandchild’s education. Recently, charities Reviews such as tough angels have solicited the donation of old wedding rings and use the money to build homes for Reviews those in need in areas Reviews such as South Africa. Consider your feelings about the ring, as well as his, and the make the choice you believe is best.

Marquise Shaped Engagement Rings

Model Rings For Wedding

For those who love the delicate, tapered point of the pear shaped diamond, enough to have it on both ends, there’s the marquise cut. Considered one of the most dramatic diamond shapes, the marquise is ideal for elongating and slenderizing shorter fingers. Set vertically or horizontally, this diamond is sure to get attention perhaps because this shape also boasts the biggest size per carat weight.

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Model Rings For Wedding

Short fingers benefit greatly from the pear shaped diamond, also known as a drop cut for its resemblance to a tear drop. It’s also described as a cross between the round cut and marquise cut. The tear drop like shape tapers to a slender point and creates the illusion of a delicate, slender line on the wearer’s finger. It also doesn’t hurt that this cut is known for its brilliance.

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