Ring Model For Gents

Ring Model For Gents

Gents ring design for many who use citrine stones. Natural citrine orange gems have a pretty good color density with yellow gradient in the crystal clear gemstones makes this very beautiful to look at. If tied to the ring, then the color density and light sparkle games can still enjoy its beauty. In general, citrine stones originating from Brazil, but it was likely found in other countries. Specified quality citrine stone of clarity and cleanliness, color density, luster light flame (flame inside) and the sharpness of the flickering light at the surface and the shape and facet neat piece.

This one stone citrine colored brownish orange, the color is very dense but light flame persists luster and shine strong from inside to the surface. Citrine gemstone long been used in a lot of jewelry, with a yellow color that varies along a fractal structure in the crystal is made of precious stones have the sheen of golden light, this is the beginning of sensation beauty citrine stone. On the basis of yellow color, this gemstone is good for 925 and tied with silver with 18k yellow gold precious metals, both for the ring and for pendants and bracelets.

Stone Ring Spinel For Gents

Ring Model For Gents

Spinel stone is one gemstone that is quite special and not widely marketed in the world. Many do not even know what kind of color, and shape of precious stones called spinel. Spinel is a precious stone that fall into the category of class II precious stones, and has a very similar color with ruby ​​stones. Only the market, more dominating than the ruby ​​spinel, so the quality is not as easy spinel find good quality ruby.

Spinel stone at first glance to have such a similar color with ruby ​​stones. Although it has similarities beauty of color with ruby ​​glow, but the stone spinel structure and content of others with rubies. The mineral content of spinel stone composed of magnesium, and aluminum as well as the red color is produced from corundum formed together with magnesium. The base color is red spinel and has a variation of orange, pink, red, and purple. Spinel stones from Myanmar has a pink color with an attractive orange color flashes.


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