Ring Model With Stone

Ring Model With Stone

Stone rings best and most popular or well known, both in Indonesia and abroad in 2015. The ring is a well-known jewelry and subject to a lot of people for thousands of years for both women and men. The ring is placed on the hands and fingers and circular on the ring finger or middle finger. Lately agate stone ring / gems have become hunted a lot of people. In the tradition of the ring is usually made of precious metals, silver or a mixture of other materials such as copper, bronze, brass chrome and others.

To beautify the look of a ring fitted with carved and decorated with gems like diamonds, diamonds or agate. If during this, gemstone rings are widely used among people who’ve grown up but later rings already widely used among young people and teenagers and even today the ring with agate has become a trend and lifestyle, so the price is more expensive stone ring because more and more enthusiasts from various circles.

Stone Ring Design Popularity

Ring Model With Stone

In Indonesia, jade has been known for a long time, but the popularity of this stone has never faded, especially amid increasing hobbyist agate lately, so that makes the more expensive the price of jade. The beauty of jade with a distinctive green color much used as jewelry, such as eye rings, necklaces, pendants and others. But some people still believe that the stone has been known for thousands of years BC in China is believed to bring good luck, peace and peace for its owner. Amethyst including one of the many agate which is also the target of many hobbyists. Distinctive purple color contained on this stone made of stone which is called the Amethyst on the market international it looks stunning.

In a national contest ever held some time ago, the type of stone lavender spritus balfour in the category of best rock and managed to win the contest, so that these stones be hunted many collectors. Since then rock found in many regions and Segara Simpang Flower District of southern Sumatra Lengkiti Oku it became the target of many collectors and entered the ranks of the most popular rock both in Indonesia and in the international market. In addition to the stone which has been mentioned, in fact there are many famous and most expensive stone ring another type that is currently popular in Indonesia, including Aceh jade or better known as the Stone Moss Aceh, stone obi, labrador or any other kind.

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