Ring Models India

Ring Models India

Indian ring model that uses a lot of amethyst, agate, emerald, diamond, sapphire, and others. Amethys stone is part of a family of quartz stone. This amethyst has a beautiful purple color. Amethyst-producing countries most of which Sri Lanka and Brazil. Agate is a type of agate. Agate type is part of the family of quartz stone, one of the group that was the most rocks on Earth.

Agate can be found in the area of Turkey and Iran. In Indonesia alone, agate has a species named by region. Some kinds of agate stone Garut it is derived from West Java, Stone Bacan from North Maluku and stones originating Dareh River Island Arbor, Dharmasraya district, West Sumatra.

Design Ring With Gemstone India

Ring Models India

The emerald is part of a family of beryl stone. Color is emerald green. This stone has been mined by the Egyptians since 1500 BC. In the 14th century, India and Austria started to mine this rock. Emerald can be found in various countries, such as South Africa, America, Australia, Madagascar, and so forth. Diamond is a very famous stone. This stone is very seductive beauty many women. In some countries in Africa, diamond mining is also associated with political issues. Diamond-related conflict and funding problems and violent political organization called the blood diamond.

Kalimaya stone is a type of stone that is classified as the much demand in Indonesia because although relatively expensive kinds of precious stones, but the stone is still much in demand. The characteristics of the stone Kalimaya look of its unique shape and high flavor. Ruby stones are widely used by the men who portray the courage and strength of the wearer. Ruby stones are widely in use, usually red with a generally round or oval shape.


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