Ring Splints For Fingers

Ring Splints For Fingers
Choose wedding rings carefully. You’ll be wearing them for the rest of your life. Wedding rings symbolize three things, your personality, your commitment, and your fashion style. Choose a wedding ring that will express an enduring, unequivocal love and exert a unique personality for both the groom and the bride.

Splinting a finger is good for anything from a sprain to a break. The important thing is to keep the finger from moving, so getting a splint on it as soon as the injury happens will speed the healing process. The splint will also help keep stress off the finger so no more damage can be done to that finger. There are two ways to splint a finger at home.

A Finger Ring Splint With A Popsicle Stick


Accidents happen, and sometimes they happen in places where you cannot get immediate medical attention. If your finger is broken and you need some way to support it until you arrive at the nearest hospital, a couple of popsicle sticks might just do the trick. This homemade splint is also very useful if you have had ligament damage that can sometimes act up and cause your finger to curl and ache.

Ring Splint the Trigger Finger

Ring Splints For Fingers
The trigger finger, also known as the index finger, needs immediate immobilization upon severe injuries such as a broken or fractured bone. Continued movement can worsen damage and increase recovery time. A homemade splint secures the entire length of the finger and provides stability until a doctor diagnoses the injury. Construct homemade index finger splints with everyday household items. Careful splint construction and immediate professional medical treatment will have you on a quick road to recovery.

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