Silver Eternity Ring Price Range UK

Silver Eternity Ring Price Range UK
The traditional stone to be set in an eternity ring is a diamond. However, as eternity rings are becoming increasingly popular amongst young budget minded couples, eternity rings are now being set with more affordable stones. Eternity rings are now set with simulated diamonds, brightly colored cubic zirconia stones and natural gemstones.

Due to stone and metal differentiations, eternity rings are available in all price points. The price of an eternity ring is directly tied to quality. If you want a 24-carat white gold eternity ring with flawless diamonds, expect to pay more than $2,000. However, if you are willing to forgo quality in exchange for savings, you can purchase an eternity ring for considerably less. On a general scale, the prices for eternity rings begin at $30 and top off in the range of $4,000.

Eternity Ring Styles

There are three different styles eternity ring styles to choose from one with prongs, one pave setting and the rolled in ones. There’s basically three different styles, one with prongs, one pave setting and the rolled in ones. The smoothest one is the rolled in ones. It’s like stone next to stone and they are precious metal, it’s rolled over the stones so there’s nothing sticking out.

If you have prongs sometimes and the prongs are not really tight, totally tight to the stone you could pull a thread in your clothes and eventually the prongs will break up and you are going to lose one of the stones. Sometimes in the back there’s a little bit where there are no stones where you just have metal, that’s for sizing the ring which could be a good thing when you pick the ring that you will still be able to size it. An eternity ring with gemstones all around you cannot size.

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