Silver Gemstone Rings Design UK

Silver Gemstone Rings Design UK

Whether you’re planning to propose to a loved one and want to present a truly personal ring, or you just want a special ring for yourself, you can become your own jeweler and set the stone of your choice in any ring setting to make a ring that is just right. Even if you’re new to the field of jewelry making, with a little preparation and the right materials you can set your own gemstone in a beautiful ring for a one of a kind accessory or gift.

Gemstone crowns come in varying sizes to fit small and large stones. Check to be sure that the ring crown or setting is designed to accommodate the size and shape of your gemstone. If you purchase a ring with a stone already in place, you can compare the size of the existing stone with your gemstone. If they are similar in size, the new gemstone should fit. If you find an empty setting, measure the space between the prongs and compare it with the width of the stone. The sizing should be close, but it need not be exact. Most prong settings can be altered a little wider or a little tighter to accommodate the stone.

Replacing The Original Gemstone

Silver Gemstone Rings Design UK

Prepare the ring setting. Have the band sized by a jeweler or perform the sizing yourself if you know how. If you have a setting with a stone that you have decided to replace, gently open the prongs using gemstone setting pliers and remove the stone from the setting.

Clean the setting thoroughly with jewelry cleaner, and check to be sure the crown is in good condition with no weak or stressed areas. The crown is the name given to the prongs that hold the gem in place. Each prong should noticeably resist as you adjust it with the pliers. If it moves too easily, it may be weakened and should be replaced or repaired by a jeweler.

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