Silver Ring Model For Men

Silver Ring Model For Men
Silver men’s ring is designed with a lot of emeralds. Most people like precious stones with the beauty and uniqueness of each, especially stone Emerald. Typical emerald green color of emerald stone, if it is too bright and more dominant blue color could be stones are Tourmaline, and if the color is too light up green and yellowish green may be it is a stone olivine. Emeralds from Columbia has a very green color brightness lit with fiber or subtle inclusions such as gray hair turned green colored crystals also in the precious stones.

Emeralds from Zambia. Darker green color and dark fiber inclusion and somewhat thicker than the natural columbian emerald. Zambian emeralds also emits green light through the crystal and crystal clarity and fiber that are dark green. Emerald jewel of Brazil is quite unique, in terms of color, brightness (flame), and fiber is a combination of Colombian emeralds and Zambian emerald. The color is not too bright and not as dark as Zambian emeralds, while there are also fibers such as emeralds Colombia besides the typical dark fiber Zambia. Emeralds from Brazil is also emit green color through the crystal and the two different fibers, very interesting.

A Silver Class Ring

Sterling Silver Men's Wedding Bands
A class ring is a piece of jewelry worn by students and alumni to commemorate their graduation from a high school, college, university or military academy. To some extent, these rings are normally personalized by the student, with one side showing a name, year and degree and the other side displaying the school crest and appropriate designs. A typical class ring differs for both males and females, but the wearer will often follow standard etiquette or customs when wearing the ring in public.

Consult a ring designer regarding any questions you may have about your class ring. Many schools and universities will have a designated company offering quality crafted rings in silver or gold, and its associates and salespeople will be able to answer any questions you may have about etiquette regarding this ever-lasting symbol of academic success. Research the customs and traditions of your high school, college, university or other academic institution before your ring arrives. According to Balfour, a designer of class rings since 1917, each place may have its own practices regarding how the ring should be worn. On its website, the company spotlights the University of Texas at Austin, which asks its juniors and seniors to wear the ring facing one direction until Commencement Day.


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