Silver Ring Models For Gents

Silver Ring Models For Gents

Gents ring for existing models designed with turquoise stones. The original turquoise blue mostly due to the high copper content. The more copper, blue is getting stronger. But there is also a variation of the color turquoise, although slightly. If turquoise mostly iron content, the closer the color green. Turquoise blue color to it even if the stone is broken. However a fake turquoise blue color only in the outward and not to the inside.

The original turquoise stones, will remain blue until into despite broken. Instead, fake turquoise stone or asphalt if the cut was not until the blue color. Many known stone turquoise is the color blue, it actually has a lot of rocks color variations. The higher the copper content, the more the blue color of this stone. Conversely, if a higher iron content, the turquoise color tends towards green. This, of course, if the original turquoise.

Authenticity Test Turquoise Stone Ring

Silver Ring Models For Gents

Medium imitation turquoise, such a law would not recognize it. This object is usually the result of laboratory processed. By doing so, the resulting color also tend to be uniform, nearly blue. Turquoise pale imitation made with the cover with wax or oil to disperse the color. However, usually these colors will not be permanent in nature. Good natural turquoise is always much more expensive than treated material, although some alternative treatment methods do affect a naturalistic appearance.

A good starting point in testing turquoise is to hold a piece to your tongue. If your tongue sticks at all, it is probably natural, but not necessarily good natural. If you suspect that might be treated material, applying a piece to a grinding wheel will give a distinctive odor suggestive of burning plastic. Natural turquoise, when applied to a grinding wheel, when you are not wearing a breathing mask, will result in your ultimately gaining an unpleasant metallic taste in your mouth. Another classical test for treated turquoise is to hold a hot needle to the stone and, if the material turns brown it is resin impregnated. This latter test is not very reliable Because all too often the heat of the needle is insufficient to get a definitive reaction.

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