Silver Ring Price In Karachi

Silver Ring Price In Karachi

Silver ring has a special meaning for each region is no exception in Karachi. The price of silver rings in Karachi vary, depending on the design and materials used complementary. The ring is one of the common accessories used by all people, both men and women, young and old. There are no regulations that restrict the use of the ring as jewelry for men like other jewelry. Only the original material are limited.

Besides as accessories, a ring sometimes describe the personality of the wearer. A man or woman who wears the ring finger of the right hand indicates that he is already married. Whereas if on a different finger, then only regarded as mere decoration. Another if used is a ring of agate type generally only among men. Wearer is usually synonymous with magical impression, full of aura, and so on. But not infrequently agate jewelry is just sheer.

Silver Rings in Karachi Online

Silver Ring Price In Karachi

Karachi silver ring that sold online has drawn the admiration of fans. Among them are the emerald cut smoky quartz ring. This ring design model quartz. While the materials used are 25 carat smoky quartz with 13 grams of silver. For this type of ring emerald cut quartz crystal rings for men are sold at a price of Rs.10,000. As for the emerald gemstone in silver ring sold for Rs.6,900. To further ladies emerald ring with diamond sold at a price of Rs.20,000.

Besides emerald, there is also a kind of silver ring with stone yaqoot. This type of stone using the ring yaqoot with various shapes and colors. Among the types of lucky stone rings nelam yaqoot feroza aqeeq zurqan. Yaqoot silver ring is priced at Rs.1,500. Original ruby (yaqoot) stone with rings sold at a price of Rs.1,250. Both types of stone silver ring has loyal fans respectively.

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