Silver Ring Price In Malaysia

Silver Ring Price In Malaysia

Various silver rings offered in Malaysia. Sale start at a low price to high price also there. A ring that is not used to celebrate an engagement or wedding ring called a dress or a cocktail ring. Greatness and fancy dress ring, set with a traditional design gems. From precious and semi-precious more intricate and detailed patterns, dress rings in fashion, while adding drama and glamor to the ensemble. It can be worn on special occasions or even as an everyday ring.


Rings for women are more complicated, usually striking and has a feminine design. Meanwhile, rings for men are usually flat, with a solid band width, or some diamonds but no one sits high and still masculine looking. Women can wear men’s rings, but not vice versa. A wide ring with gold spinner masculine looking, but can also be worn by women. However, a thin band, cubic zirconia solitaire ring is definitely for women.

Sterling Silver Ring

Silver Ring Price In Malaysia.

Many have tried to make sterling silver rings for use or for the bridal couple. Can make your own silver ring by using a very simple technique that clever same metal has been used for generations. The initial step cut silver or other nonferrous metal wire and wrap it around the ring mandrel to form a ring in the size you need. For a thin ring, using 16 gauge wire. For thick rings, use 12 gauge wire. Gently hit the ring with a ball, forming or plastic mallet until the ring is formed.

Cut with a saw wire jewelry. File and sand required wire and shape it to the perfect ring. Solder ring closed. File and sand until smooth. Polish desired. Check the ring for size. Simple band has been completed. By designing your own ring silver can meet your satisfaction and adds a sense of curiosity for knowledge gained by its users.

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