Silver Ring Size 5

silver ring size 5
Cz delicate cross design real noble sterling silver ring silver ring size 5. It is designed with a stone aaa zircon. Besides given gemstone, to add to the beauty, the silver ring is plated with rhodium. In addition, also coated with 18 carat gold or 24 carat. By coating with lp and pvd plating.

To show the impression of a more lustrous, silver ring is completed with a glossy or satin finish paint. This silver ring laser-etched engraving so impressed charming. Features silver rings are also environmentally friendly, namely none fade, oxidation, rust or allergies (nickel and lead free).

Measure Ring Size

silver ring size 5

Many questioned how to measure the size of the ring, therefore, consider the trick to measure the size of your finger. To measure the size of a finger, you can use paper that has been cut to length with a width of approximately 1 cm. Then looped to the finger with accentuated and marked with pens. Then measure the length of the marked paper with a ruler (in millimeters or centimeters).

Another way is if you have a ring that has the size of your stay in the ring diameter measuring middle ring fitting measured with a ruler. The average diameter 1.8 to 2.4 cm in men and women from 1.5 to 1.9 cm. The last way that came to a store of gold or silver shop local then you measure with the tools in the shop and obtained the ring size, size men between 16-22 and women 11-15.

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