Silver Ring Size T

silver ring size t

Ruby zoisite size T silver ring. Silver ring size is designed with a main ingredient ruby ​​zoisite. This silver ring is designed specifically for men. This silver ring is designed to show the impression of authority and resilient. If you want to buy a ring of course you have to know the size of your ring finger, not to buy a ring with the size of the greatness or smallness.

How to measure your ring size is actually very easy, there are two ways to measure the size of the ring that will be given. An easy way to measure the size of the ring with your old ring. The first way is for those of you who already have a ring, so you just measure the inner circumference of the ring you wear. Remember, that is measured is the circumference of the ring you are not the outer ring.

Size Ring With Paper

silver ring size t

An easy way to measure the size of the ring with the paper. The second way you can use if you have never measured the previous ring. Here is a step-scarcity: Prepare beforehand his tools, namely paper, glue, rulers and cuter / scissors / knife. To see pictures of paper, the size is up just long enough for the critical circumference of your finger. After all the tools ready, then glue one end of the paper.

Wrap the paper that you have that will glue your fingers to measure. Measure at the top of the finger joints instead of the usual ring worn parts. The upper finger joints it is the biggest part, so that when you wear a ring with the correct size can pass through the joint parts. Make sure the glue has dried so that when you remove the paper does not change the paper ring. The result will be as shown below if it is removed. Then cut the paper circle, it is up to any part may be. You will get a long paper that matches the size of your finger circumference, then please measuring with a ruler that has been prepared.

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