Silver Ring Worth 925

Silver Ring Worth 925
Gold prices are getting higher and the more difficult to reach. Though the tendency of womanhood really liked the first of gold jewelry. Therefore, most people start turning to silver jewelry, which are cheaper than gold but have the impression of elegance to the wearer. Even now people tend to choose a marriage dowry dowry too, especially for the Muslims. Clear silver authenticity usually have a cap 925 which means consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% additional metal. The cap does look very small so that the buyer must pay closer look at it.

Stores that sell silver jewelry is not as much gold jewelry shop but if it intends to buy silver buy silver jewelry store that was already an expert handle the silver metal. As it is often the gold shop also sells silver jewelry, although slightly. By buying in specialized stores selling silver jewelry, authenticity is guaranteed. Thus, buyers can distinguish between genuine and fake silver. They usually have a silver detector that can be used to ensure the authenticity of the jewelry. One is a stone detection. Silver jewelry rubbed on the stone. Color friction will determine whether it is genuine or not silver.

Distinguishing Genuine Silver And Fake

Silver Ring Worth 925

Genuine and fake silver can also be distinguished from the color. But it is a bit hard done by ordinary people Because The color differences are not apparent. Another thing that is easy to do is to rub the cloth to the silver jewelry. Silver metal is oxidized when exposed to Easily the outside air. If the cloth Becomes blackish it can be concluded that the jewelry was made from the original silver.

The original silver jewelry usually does not cause irritation to the skin. If the user feels itchy or red skin in the affected area then maybe jewelry jewelry was made from other metals. In the end, caution is simply silver plating silver jewelry or just the exterior only the silver. Buy in store silver jewelry experienced to ensure its authenticity.

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