Silver Wedding Ring Price In Pakistan

Silver Wedding Ring Price In Pakistan

Silver wedding rings in Pakistan as well as the original chandi with italian diamond ring. Silver wedding rings are sold at a price of Rs 950. Silver plated ring with black cutted zircon, ring this one is sold at a price of Rs 699. Heart shaped sterling silver love ring, this ring is sold at a price of Rs 1,200. As with flower ring. This flower ring is sold at a price of Rs 599. In addition there is also material silver silver ring made from titanium.

Titanium wedding bands that are built to last many lifetimes. Both hard and soft, titanium can be anodized for almost all of the colors that the wearer desires. For men and women who work with their hands, titanium is a practical choice and beautiful. Because of the tremendous strength, titanium is very difficult to dent, with a few stories to tell the hand and fingers are saved when cars and other heavy objects have fallen into the hands of wearing a titanium ring.

Titanium And Silver Jewelry Facts

Silver Wedding Ring Price In Pakistan

Titanium and silver rings have a very similar silver-gray color, but the makeup of the two metals is totally distinct. According to the Gemological Institute of America, silver is twice as dense as titanium. Titanium jewelry is available in two forms. Pure titanium is hypoallergenic which makes it an ideal metal for those with sensitive skin. Titanium alloy blends titanium with other metals, such as aluminum. Despite being lightweight, titanium is a durable and strong industrial metal, which makes jewelry scratch resistant.

Unlike titanium, silver in its pure form is too soft to be molded into a ring. As a result, it must be combined with other metals, such as copper, to create a metal suitably hard for jewelry. Silver is a popular metal for rings thanks to its natural brilliance as well as its workability. Additionally, jewelers can apply several finishes, including high gloss, matte, satin and antiquated, to silver rings.


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