Silver Wedding Ring Sets For Him And Her

Silver Wedding Ring Sets For Him And Her

Wedding rings represent the endless love of the couple. The ring is a circle with no beginning and no end, just as the couple’s love should be. On the ring finger, the wedding ring tells the world that these two people are committed to each other forever.

Many couples choose to make their wedding rings more special by engraving messages on the inside. These engravings can be short, sweet, sappy or silly. The important thing is that the engraving on the wedding ring holds meaning for the bride and groom.

Engrave Phrase Wedding Bands

Silver Wedding Ring Sets For Him And Her

Just like when choosing wedding vows, some couples engrave a special phrase onto their wedding bands. This phrase can be funny, romantic or something personal to the couple. A good choice for a phrase might be the lyrics of a song or a verse from a poem.

Another option for a phrase inside a wedding ring is a personal sentiment, such as I love you. In the case of personal sentiments engraved in the ring, each person could think up a distinctive sentiment for their spouse. The sentiments engraved in each ring don’t necessarily have to match, as long as they’re heartfelt.

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