Silver Wedding Ring Sets UK

silver wedding ring sets uk

Rings for the groom have now become customary in almost every wedding as of 2011, and it is important to choose the right one. Men’s wedding rings differ from those of women. They are usually thicker and studier, with fewer decorative touches. There are four main materials from which to choose. Platinum looks like a light colored silver. It is very hard, but it is also heaver than a similar sized silver ring or even gold ring.

It is also much more costly than gold, and the groom might object to spending that much money on it. Silver is a less expensive choice than the others, but a silver wedding ring has certain disadvantages. For example, it is very soft and easily scratched or damaged. It also rusts and tarnishes more quickly than the others, which means it will have to be cleaned frequently. On the other hand, it is easy to alter or adjust.

Titanium And Tungsten Rings

silver wedding ring sets uk

Titanium is a good choice for a men’s wedding rings because it is almost indestructible and very resistant to scratching. It is lightweight and is often used for military purposes like subs, jets and tanks, which gives it a certain macho appeal the groom might like. One problem with titanium is that it cannot be resized, so you will have a problem if the groom bulks up later. To address this, you might want to get it in a slightly larger size.

Like titanium, tungsten is a hard metal that is very durable and scratch resistant. Tungsten rings have a darker gray white color that has become more popular in the early 21st century for its modern look and cheaper price than gold and silver. However, some disadvantages to tungsten rings include the heavier weight of the metal and its inability to be resized.


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