Silver Wedding Rings Mens

silver wedding rings mens

A symbol of both love and a promise, the stone in an wedding ring should reflect not only a couple’s commitment, but also their personality and sense of style. It also should have a deep personal meaning, and while some brides may prefer a traditional clear, brilliant cut diamond, there are many other stones that work well for wedding rings. Because an wedding ring is meant to be partnered with a wedding band and worn for a lifetime.

Some of the best stones for an wedding rings are those that have a significant meaning for the bride or the couple. The birthstone for the month when the couple met or a stone that matches a favorite grandmother’s ring, for example, can make an wedding ring even more meaningful. Stones that once belonged to a loved one also can be used in an engagement ring, increasing the sentimental value. Stones that are rich in legends, such as the tales of love associated with amethyst, are also good.

The Best Stones For Wedding Rings

silver wedding rings mens

Diamonds are the traditional stone for an wedding ring, and for good reason. They stand up to daily wear, show the most sparkle, or fire, of any gemstone, and can be cut in a variety of shapes. While clear diamonds are the most common and most popular.

Colored diamonds offer a good balance between tradition and a unique wedding stone. Colored diamonds come in such colors as pink, red, blue, green, brown, silver and black. They come in the same cuts as clear diamonds, including heart shaped, princess, brilliant, marquise and pear cut.


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