Silver Wedding Rings

silver wedding rings

If you are looking for wedding or engagement rings that have beautiful filigree work, and amazing styling, you’ll need to stick with malleable metals like silver, gold, platinum and to some extent palladium. Unfortunately, the newer and extremely durable ring metals like tungsten, titanium, iridium and cobalt are too hard to take on details.

That is why rings made with these materials are usually bands with very simple designs, and are typically sold as men’s rings. For couples with sensitive skin, hypoallergenic wedding rings include as well as titanium, platinum, palladium and silver. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid rings that are plated because if the rings are made with a nickel alloy an allergic reaction could develop when the plate inevitably wears off.

Wedding Ring Materials

silver wedding rings

The most affordable and durable wedding ring materials are tungsten, titanium, cobalt, stainless steel and 14k gold. Palladium too is exceptionally affordable, and is a terrific alternative to the more highly priced platinum, because it is a very, very light metal. This means less of the metal is used to make a ring. Definitely platinum followed by 18k gold. Keep in mind that a higher karat of gold above 18k will result in a ring that is too soft to hold up to daily wear wedding and engagement rings.

For exceptionally durable wedding rings that can hold up to extremely heavy wear and tear, it is best to stick with the newer wedding ring metals including titanium, tungsten, cobalt and stainless steel. All of these metals offer a high degree of scratch resistance, and can hold up pretty well to heavy knocks and blows without denting. Keep in mind though, that some rings made with extra heavy duty rings cannot be resized instead, retailers often offer a lifetime exchange warranty just in case at some point finger size changes.

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