Sterling Silver Engagement Rings Cheap

Sterling Silver Engagement Rings Cheap

The average cost of an engagement ring may be thousands of dollars, but knowing how to buy a cheap engagement ring can save couples a lot of money without sacrificing quality, beauty or style for this symbol of their relationship. There are many stunning discount engagement rings available if couples know how to shop for them. Learn about diamond quality. Understand the four C’s: clarity, cut, color and carat. All of these things combine to make up the diamond’s value.

Research settings and the shape of the diamond. Know what you want before your go shopping. Check out different settings and shapes online to get a good idea of what your soon to be fiancee likes. Consider buying a smaller stone. You can buy a 1.8 carat stone for much less than you can buy a 2 carat stone, but the size difference isn’t noticeable to the naked eye.

Choosing Silver Engagement Ring

Sterling Silver Engagement Rings Cheap

The first step is choosing a silver engagement ring is ask family members if there is any family jewelry that can be used as an engagement ring. Even if your fiancee doesn’t like the setting, you could always have the stone reset. Check estate sales and pawn shops for a good deal on diamond rings. The selection may not be as great as at a jeweler, but the price may be right. At estate sales, you may find a great deal on a vintage piece of jewelry.

Consider stones other diamonds. Traditionally, engagement rings contain diamonds, but if your fiancee is willing to think out of the box, you can get a bigger ring with a different stone for less money than a smaller diamond. Another option is to use diamonds only as accents to a gemstone ring, such as birthstone engagement ring or other pretty semi precious gem that will be a much cheaper but still beautiful engagement ring.

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