Sterling Silver Fake Diamond Engagement Rings

Sterling Silver Fake Diamond Engagement Rings

Cubic zirconias most resemble genuine diamonds. They are made from a crystalline element known as zirconium and became popular in the 1980s when Swarovski & Co., an Austrian producer of leaded crystal, started mass production of cubic zirconias. Gemologists contend that cubic zirconias are the best diamond substitute because they most closely match the characteristics of a genuine diamond. Of course, every engaged woman expects the real deal, and might be greatly disappointed to receive a fake diamond engagement ring.

There are various grades of synthetic diamonds. The way a fake diamond is cut and polished may create a superior stone like the Russian cubic zirconia. These fake diamonds are chosen from the best cubic zirconia crystals and are hand-polished to the Gemological Institute of America’s specifications and standards for genuine diamonds. Jeweler’s Studio claims that most jewelers cannot tell the difference between their imitation diamonds and the real thing.

The Differences Between Genuine Diamonds and Cubic Zirconias

Sterling Silver Fake Diamond Engagement Rings

Although cubic zirconias appear to be real diamonds, there are subtle differences. Cubic zirconia stones are slightly less sparkly, with more flashes of color. Cubic zirconia stones possess a hardness rating of 8.5, compared to a genuine diamond’s hardness rating score of 10.

A cubic zirconia is approximately 75 percent heavier than a genuine diamond and is measured more accurately in milllimeters describing their diameter, as opposed to diamonds being measured by their weight in carats. A diamond that weighs one carat is equivalent to a cubic zirconia that is 6.5 mm in diameter. Cubic zirconias may be rated high in clarity, due to the fact that they are cultivated in a laboratory.

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